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The Caribbean like you never saw it

The Caribbean, its infinite white sand beaches, crystal clear seawater, warm temperature or its endless hiking excursions… Nevertheless, the Caribbean has also a lot to offer in terms of arts and culture. English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Creole … so many influences which makes the richness of its culture. Food, Dance, Music, Visual Arts,… Holidays can also be a great time to experience new things and meet amazing people! Createva Travel made it possible and help you to connect with experiences creators that delivers unique art and culture workshops/events.

Connect with passionate and talented locals

We truly believe that the best gifts people can ever have are experiences… More than a simple activity, this will help you to build memories which is to me one of the precious things in life! Solo, in family or in couple, live an experience you will never forget! Make your own chocolate tablet in Guadeloupe, Paint the magnificent Pitons in St Lucia, Dance salsa with a professional dancer in Cuba, Take part of the famous Trinidad Carnival… Live the Caribbean a different way!

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