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5 Guadeloupean proverbs and their meanings

🖊️ Bondyé ka ba'w pis, i ka ba-w zong pou krazé yo

Traduction : God gave you fleas, he also gave you nails to crush them – 

Meaning : Nature is well made: every problem has a solution

🖊️ Bennyé bonné, sek vit !

Traduction : Bathed early, quickly dried! 

Meaning :  First come, first served

🖊️ Tout' chyen fo douvan pot' à mèt' ay

Traduction : Every dog is strong in front of his master’s door 

Meaning :  We always feel stronger amongst our own peers

🖊️ Ich tig pa ka fèt san grif

Traduction : Baby tigers are not born without claws 

Meaning :  Like father, like son 

🖊️ Dèmen sé on kouyon

Traduction : “Tomorrow” is a fool 

Meaning :  It’s important to take advantage of the present moment because tomorrow is uncertain. (Carpe diem)

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